Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, SOMOS has been focused on efforts to address the digital divide, ensure fair academic opportunity for ESOL students, and a safe-school reopening of schools.

SOMOS has been fortunate to have drawn attention to our collective work and to receive positive media attention for the organizing efforts of our student leaders. Below, you’ll find information about each of our ongoing campaigns, as well as links to relevant media coverage.

Closing the Digital Divide:

In Baltimore 1 in 2 Black and Latinx households lack access to broadband internet, we’re taking on corporate giants, the FCC, and keeping them accountable. 

Fair Educational Opportunity for ESOL Students: 

We are fighting for ESOL students to have equal access and fair representation in Baltimore Highly Selective Schools. 

Safe Reopening Demands & #StudentStrike: 

We demand a reopening plan that ensures the safety of each and every single one of our students, educators, and families.  

The reopening plan for schools in the midst of a global pandemic failed to take into account the safety of our students